Jaime Wesson

Soulish in Berkeley

Peoria, Illinois

Sometimes I wonder where we will end up in this journey.  As a nature-lover, I imagine a tranquil, peaceful place of refuge.  I can already feel the delights of discovering a new place alive and afresh with nature trails, river-fronts, maybe mountain ranges or ocean...

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Vampire Bats

Still God rested on the 7th day and saw that everything that He created was very good, even though sands lay scattered without the building of a sand castle and the rocks lay deeply hidden in the earth unused for structures to protect and impress.

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Transition: To Lay Down a Crown

In my experience, transition came gently and progressively as I began to realize that God was asking me to take a year of Sabbatical.  I had been ministering to college students for 14 years, a job that invigorated me and fulfilled me.  College ministry to me was...

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The only time i feel claustrophobic is when I’m driving down the narrow highway edged in between a containing wall and an 18 wheeler.  Our main route to school is such a tremendous heap of construction right now.  It’s lanes are narrow, rocky, and unkept.  The...

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It’s Time to Talk About Transition

Nothing is more exciting and crushing than a time of transition, but we are never left alone to figure it all out. Our companion is Jesus. His faithfulness and consistency is a breath of fresh air when everything else is in flux. If Jesus is the constant, every foreign place will have the aroma of home.

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Soulish in Berkeley creator, Jaime Wesson, is a writer who considers herself an old soul with modern sensibilities. She lives an adventurous life as a homebody, loves nature and robots, classical literature and children’s picture books.  Overall she has a calming demeanor which covers an intensely passionate heart.   

Jaime enjoys life and ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area alongside her husband, Nathan, and two seriously playful kids – Isaac and Chloe, who enlarge her world every day.