Connect with Jaime

Jaime Wesson is a freelance writer who is available to hire for ghost writing, publications, and special projects.  She holds ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jaime is available to write for sacred or secular publications.  The audience that she desires to connect to in writing ranges from devout to novice, saint to skeptic. Though she walks in a committed relationship with Jesus, Jaime finds herself connecting well to those outside the faith.  Her poetic prose helps a diverse audience to slow down, reflect, and examine living with depth and intentionality.



Jaime is highly interested in working as a modern day Chronicler.  Whether it is capturing the personal story of your loved ones, missionaries or heroes, or it is recording the story of your ministry or organization, she finds great value in recording the stories of this generation for future generations to be inspired and enjoy.

Jaime has experience and a proven process of interviewing, collaborating, recording and documenting these stories. Those who she has interviewed have felt loved and respected and even inspired as they shared their own stories with her.  If interested, please contact Jaime for a Generations Information Sheet, which details the process and rates and includes testimonials of those who have benefitted from her work in this area.


Many of today’s thought-leaders and visionaries do not have the time or ability to produce the book or article that has been stirring in their souls.  Jaime is willing to come alongside others in order to see their book or article come to fruition. Specifically, she seeks the honor to cooperate on the projects whose purpose aligns with the values of Matthew 6:33.


Jaime’s currently working on a book based on Hebrews 12 entitled Homeland: Exploring the Search for Adventure amidst the Longing for Home.  The book is a series of essays on themes of perseverance, life transition, human identity, and restlessness.  She is open to conversations regarding the publication of her first book.


The intention of Soulish is to provide a peaceful, inspiring place for spiritual formation and soulful reflection.  In order to create such a space, Jaime has purposefully disabled the ability for comments on this site.  By no means does this intend to communicate that she does not want to continue the conversation with you.  

Please feel free to continue the conversation via the social media links on this page’s footer – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – or by contacting Jaime by email below.