My friends, this journey I’ve been on hasn’t been neat and orderly.  And I’ve been waiting for the time to declare, ‘it is finished’ before I reveal the inner workings of a soul during a time of transition.  But I’ve been beginning to consider that I won’t know when I’ve arrived so I better start sharing the words that have come at spurts for the past few years.

I hope they bring encouragement to your journey and some context in which to place yourself in this ever-changing sojourn we call life.
Many times the supernatural converges within the context of the ordinary.  A morning where I grope my way out of bed only to find my cup of coffee and the security of my sofa and sit in a dim-lit room so commonplace that I’d know it by touch if my eyes should fail me.  But something is different, something has shifted.  There is a strange otherworldliness and I’m in a totally different state of mind than I was the day before though I’m going through the motions of an ordinary day.

Something transitional is occurring and a new season is upon me; one that did not ask my permission to arrive just like I don’t command the snow to begin to fall to usher in the cold of winter.

Everyone around me is going through the routine of their every day.  Their routines guide them through a life where nothing has changed.  But for me, everything has changed because God has whispered, ‘its coming, do you feel it?’

For those in transition, everything seems to have changed.  While others are moving forward, we are standing at a crossroads, as if the circle is slightly off center and we are forced to recalibrate. The measurements are just marginally off and we keep calculating and calculating to see what has changed and why it has changed. We seek to define the newness of life and most often must go through a process of discovery to make the right adjustments.

Transitions distort life enough that they give us and God an opportunity for a sacred space; a place in the world that is otherworldly.  Nothing is more exciting and crushing than a time of transition, but we are never left alone to figure it all out. Our companion is Jesus. His faithfulness and consistency is a breath of fresh air when everything else is in flux. If Jesus is the constant, every foreign place will have the aroma of home.

Additionally, there is a great cloud of witnesses. Men and women of God who have travelled this common road of rediscovering the will of the Father in a new season of life. I am one of those sojourners who in realizing common themes within my own experience wish to impart those to you.  I realize that transition is more of an art than a science, so I offer my experiences more as description than prescription.

Let us not rush to find a twelve-step solution to successful transition.  I know its uncomfortable and we want to find answers.  I know our hope is to avoid the pitfalls and find a concise approach to the problem of a transitional time in our lives.  Instead, let’s find a God who is more interested in us walking in relationship with Him through a process of dependency more than giving us all the answers. Always in times of weakness and vulnerability, we are called to draw near.

So here I begin to talk about transition.  Some know from different perspectives the story I’m about to tell; others will only know what I express through these words.

But I believe that God is grander and more mysterious than our programs and prescriptions, which is why He is sometimes best described through narrative.  Through descriptions of how God acted upon and interacted with humanity, we can learn His character; we fall in love; we see the process by which He relationally interacts, loves and pursues His creation.  It is less defined, but nevertheless valuable to see God in action.

Life surrendered gives the boldest canvas for God activity.  And for all my God-wrestling in this season of transition, I pray that His victory is the story I lay before you.  I’m so glad He chose my life to write a story upon.


To Be Continued
December 9th