Jaime Wesson

Soulish in Berkeley

Untouched Places

I'm on an airplane looking out over the desert mountains, flying over an arid environment, one that would be oh so difficult for me to traverse. Many times I live as if I am the penultimate of creation, yet these untouched places, rarely, if ever navigated by human...

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Magnificent Sorrow

Why do we flee so much from ‘sadness’?  Refusing to embrace this emotion rolls so quickly into bitterness or anger.  Sadness quickly gets covered up by activity and false pretenses.  We’re uncomfortable and jittery around other people’s sadness.  To see the suffering...

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A Father’s Love

On a hazy autumn morning, he sits by the hospital window. Shimmers of light from the sunrise dance upon his newborn daughter’s face. She is so beautiful, untouched. His wife has finally fallen asleep on the bed beside him; so exhausted, finally a rest from her labor....

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Master of Time

By the end of the day, my windowsill is lined with coffee cups. Two that begin the day with warm brownish creamed coffee. Another for afternoon tea, joined in late evening by a herbal tea that commemorates the approaching night.  To hold a cup between your hands and...

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More Than Birdsong

Mine is a small house on a quiet block. Mature trees line the backyard enough to shelter it from direct sunlight. Its grass does not grow. The leaves rain down in the autumn blanketing the ground, creating a carpet of bronzes, apple cider blushes, and a crimson ombré,...

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Soulish in Berkeley creator, Jaime Wesson, is a writer who considers herself an old soul with modern sensibilities. She lives an adventurous life as a homebody, loves nature and robots, classical literature and children’s picture books.  Overall she has a calming demeanor which covers an intensely passionate heart.   

Jaime enjoys life and ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area alongside her husband, Nathan, and two seriously playful kids – Isaac and Chloe, who enlarge her world every day.