Living has always had depth for me.

My brother and I spent hours in our side yard, shovels in hand, tender muscles pressed taut in the effort to unearth buried treasure.  We upturned living and ancient riches – worms and doodle bugs, rocks and fossils – through layers upon layers of earth – multi-hued and aromatic.  At any moment, we knew that we would dig through the earth’s core to the other side -an exotic land with fascinating people with whom we would build instant friendships.

To unearth the essence of what makes us human intrigues me.

Growing up, I hungered for a philosophy of living.  What’s it all about?  How do I live a congruent, authentic lifestyle?  This deeply mattered to me.  Still does!  I began to look within and instead of finding answers there, I found emptiness.  I had very little control over so many aspects of life.  Within, I did not have what it took to live the intensely meaningful life I desired.  I needed to look outside of myself for answers.

Discovering God and thus His understanding of what makes us human is constantly invigorating to me.  When God revealed Himself to me, knowing Him became a lifelong journey.  And it hasn’t disappointed.  Knowing Him is a serious pursuit, but at the same time, it is a playful adventure.  I discover more about myself and others as He allows me to see from His perspective.

I have a keen knack for soul conversations.  Thankfully becoming a pastor, a wife, a mother and a friend has allowed me ample opportunity for them.  They refresh and reinvigorate me.  And as I grow in wisdom, with a couple of grey hairs to show for it, I feel incredibly yet fearfully compelled to share thought-filled moments with a broader audience.

Soulish came to life because of this nudge, no more like push, to create a space to refresh and nourish the soul for the devout and the novice, the saint and the skeptic.  I have and continue to be all those things and more.

I hope that wherever you find yourself, on any given day, you will join this journey with me.  We’ll go dig in the side yard of life, embark on a pursuit that’s as serious as life or death, and play in the whimsy of a life well-lived and defined by a passion that transcends the boundaries of our lifetime.